The history and business profile of CMC

CMC has been an importer of Spanish food for over 20 years, including Spanish olive oil. At the very beginning the activity was based on the import of citrus fruits from southern European countries, mainly from Spain, and further selling on the Polish market. In such a dynamic time for the economy, the company expanded import and export activities and currently cooperates with large producers, mainly from Spain, but also from Italy and Lithuania. The company’s commercial activity is based on the following product groups: Olive oil, vegetable preserves, canned fish.

The company is the exclusive partner on the Polish market of Acesur grupo which is a leading producer and exporter of olive oil in Spain. Acesur produce well-known brands around the world, including ” La espanola “and” Coosur “.

CMC is currently present in important food distribution centers in Poland, such as: large-format stores, retail chains, retail and specialist stores, food wholesalers. CMC operates also in the hotel and catering sector. Our product range is based on three assortment and price categories: branded products, first-class products and own brands, which we produce for the traditional market and big retail chains.

The subsequent development of the company also resulted in entering to new areas of activity. Currently, the company operates in two more areas: production of wooden pallets and providing international transport services.

Over the years, we have been gathering experience, using the vast knowledge from our trading partners, which has prepared us for a professional manner of trading.